Deni Dimochka

Concept Art & Illustration


Inspired by Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes vs. Women series. Its an amazing and poignant series of videos and if anyone hasn’t seen them I highly recommend them, you can check them out here Feminist Frequency is also a fantastic non profit so definitely support her if you get the chance!

SHARDRA faaaaaanart! Shardra Geltl © Paizo Publishing

Its been a million years since I’ve done some linework! But this was pretty fun. Am I the only one that kind of pictured Daenerys differently in the books than in the show? Emily Clark’s a cool actress but I always sort of pictured Daenerys more as a young Xena in the making both beautiful and terrifying.

A little Pathfinder fanart! Seoni & Pathfinder © Paizo Publishing LLC